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See, I Told You That I Rule.

So Close, Yet So Far.

I'll be 18 on Tuesday. Yeah, it's one step closer to being treated equally among other adults; but at the same time I feel like I'm so far from being an adult. Still can't drive and I've never had a job. To top things off, I'm far away from the love of my life, my best friend, and my wife.

For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about.. her name is Christen and she's from Texas. I know, online thing, it's kinda lame. But this is for real. I've talked to this girl every day for 5 months. I grow to like her more and more each day. Yes, my parents know about her, but they're still kinda iffy on the whole situation. Just can't wait to meet her. She's all I want for my birthday and Christmas. Christen, if you read this know that I love you.

I bet no one really reads this, but if you do, sorry I haven't been updating much. I just never feel like doing it.

Mm...horror movies.

I've seen this movie twice on the sci-fi channel. It's a pretty good horror flick. A cheap, independant film with some sick torture scences and suspense. It just came out in 2006 and is worth the rent in my opinion. Joey Lawrence makes an appearance in it, which is somewhat funny. Besides that, no other actor is an A list celeb. So watch it already!!

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I Am Not An Angry Girl.


I haven't updated in a while. Been busy with school and musical rehearsal. Lord, I hate school.

My mom and I costantly fight. It seems her hate for me grows and grows each day and is bubbling to explode to the surface. People say to me, "she doesn't hate you." But, how do they know? When I'm around her she tells me how stupid I am or how immature I am. Most parents yell at their kids and say mean things, but that's all I ever hear from my mom. I just can't wait to graduate and move on with my life. Make something of myself without any help from her.

I may be getting a job at a haunted house/haunted hay ride. They're supposed to call me on Wednesday. I would work friday, saturday, and sunday there until halloween is over. It's a fun job that pays decent. If I get it, it will be my first job. I love halloween.

Holy Poo.

No matter how many times you say it, they don't get it. Geeze, can't wait until they leave.

This summer has been the most boring of all time. I don't want to go back to school, but I want the extreme boredom to stop.

Finally, I'm a senior though. I've been dreaming of being in this position since I started school and it's here. In a way, I will miss school when it's done. I'll miss the routine and the people I grew close to. What's my life going to be like after HS? Hopefully, all I want it to be. This year, I have to put effort in. It's my last one. I want to go out with a bang. Most of all, I want to be remembered by some people for being the funny, laid back, smart Audrey I strive for.

So much to think about...

Jesus, Help Me Out Here!!

My parents piss me off like crazy. I've gotten into little fights with both of them today over the dumbest things. I go downstairs to see my mom pushing the buttons on the air condtioner really hard. (she has slightly numb fingers from her diabetes) She's staring at the buttons with her glasses down her face, straining to read what they say. She wants to make it cooler so I say, "Just push the down button." She says, "That doesn't do it! You don't even know how to work it!!" I reply, "Fine, you're such a jerk." My dad comes in and yells at me to not call my mom a jerk. Well, the bitch yelled at me for trying to help and she says, "Well, you called me a jerk!" I called her one because she has to yell and complain about everything I say.

No matter what I say or do in this fucking house I get yelled at. All of you are lucky to have younger parents than mine that aren't senile and fucking crazy. You'll all be moved out by then and won't have to deal with them constantly forgetting things, bickering with each other, yelling at you, and being complete assholes. God damn.

It's Me and You.

A lot has been going on. I shall make a list so I don't ramble.

1)Bought a brand new queen size bed with a dark brown and leather frame.

2)Going to paint my room blood red and black chalkboard paint on some areas.

3)Taking segment 2 drivers training the 24th.

4)23rd I'm going to the Fraser fireworks.

5)Might be getting a job at K-fart. It's gay, but oh well.

6)Cut my hair. I will supply a picture.

7)Bought new pants and I look sweet.

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Let The Burning Begin!

I'm about to leave to go to Richards. He got old encyclopedias from the high school they didn't want anymore. So... he invited some people over and we're burning them. I'm also bringing a couple huge logs to burn and of course my old school work from this school year. Let it burn!! WOOO!!! This should be fun. Can't wait until my mom gets here.

Alex, I love you. Don't sweat about that whole driving thing. I will drive you down to the Clem when I can drive. It shall be soon. I promise.